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September 23, 1999 - February 6, 2012

Brutus is our first dog. We had him picked out before we even moved into our first house and he came home 3 days after we moved in on December 17, 1999.

Brutus is not from a great breeder or a long line of champions. He was purchased before we knew what to look for in a breeder. He is not a great example of the breed standard and has had health issues due to poor breeding. Although we still love Brutus, we do encourage people to look for a boxers from health tested lines to avoid many of the issues we have faced with Brutus.

We enrolled Brutus in obedience class when he was 12 weeks old. An independent thinker and fearless puppy made for quite a challenge for first time parents. Bru loved to learn though and excelled in obedience and eventually agility.

He earned his first obedience title in May 2003 when he earned his AKC CD. In November 2003 he earned his UKC CD. He earned his Rally Novice title in June 2005. He earned his Rally Advanced title November 19, 2005 and his rally excellent title in April, 2006. He was trained through open but was retired from obedience before earning a CDX.

Brutus also trained and titled in agility. In August 2004 he earned his UKC Agility I title and in November 2004 he earned his UKC Agility II title.

We lost Brutus in February 2012 after a battle with cancer. He was nearly 12 1/2 years old! I will never forget what my first puppy taught me -- I owe so many experiences, friends and wonderful moments to Brutus!

Earns Rally Novice title in Iowa City, IA
June 2005

Earns UKC Agility II title   (Amaya also earned her AG-I)
November 2004

Earns UKC Agility I title
August 2004

Earns UKC CD title
November 2003

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