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March 22, 2000 - May 5, 2011

Photo by Tien Tran

Photo by Sheryll McCormick -- Amaya 10 years old

Amaya came to us 6 months after Brutus. She is was a very special girl and although not related to future boxers she was the grand dam of Cedarlin boxers.

I am very proud of what Amaya accomplished. She was such a timid girl that when we started showing her she was a nervous wreck. Through a lot of training and learning how to make her feel more at ease she has came very far. Amaya really excelled in the agility ring where she could run and play and have a great time. Obedience was not really her thing but she did earn a CGC and her Rally Novice title.

Amaya earned her first agility title in November 2004 when she earned her UKC Agility I title. In March 2005 she earned her AKC Novice Jumpers title and then in June 2005 she earned her Open Jumpers title. She earned her AKC Novice Standard title October 2005 and her AXJ in December 2006. After earning her AXJ Amaya ran in preferred agility and earned her NJP, OJP and AJP.

We enjoyed running NADAC agility and Amaya proved she was an agility all star! In 2007 Amaya earned 4 new NADAC titles -- she earned an NAC, TNN, WVN and TGN. She started 2008 with a bang queing 4 times at a NADAC trial in Des Moines and earning her NJC title! In March she qued multiple times in NADAC and earned her TN-O title and her WV-O title. Later that month she earned her AJP title in AKC agility. In July at the Ready, Steady, Go NADAC trial Amaya qualified 2 times in open jumpers, earned her TG-O title and qualified in novice Chances -- not bad for an 8 year old boxer! In October of 2008 Amaya earned her Novice chances title, open jumpers title and Superior Novice tunnelers title at the Ready, Steady, Go agility trial. This also earned Amaya her NADAC versatility award which is a special award given to dogs that title in all 6 of the NADAC class events. In November Amaya earned her open regular title and another leg in elite jumpers.

Amaya started 2009 by queing in elite jumers at the Paw & Effect trial for her EJC title. In March of 2009 she completed her Outstanding Open tunnelers title. One of my favorite memories is running a NADAC tunnellers course in November 2010 when she was nearly 11. Amaya had a blast and qualified!!

Amaya passed in 2011 from lymphoma at age 11. She will always be remembered as our very special little brindle girl and my little Faye (her nickname). Run free sweet Amaya and I will be waiting for another awesome agility run at the rainbow bridge.

Earned her Open Jumper title in Ames, IA
June 2005

Earns her Rally Novice title in Amana, IA
September 5, 2005

Earns her Novice Standard title in Peoria, Il
October 2005

Earns her AXJ in Cedar Rapids, IA
December 8, 2006

Earns her NAJ-P title in Ames, IA at age 7
(Photo by Sheryl McCormick)

Earned her NADAC WV-N and TG-N titles
October 2007    (Photos by Dan)
At nearly 9 years old, qualifies in Open tunnelers for
her O-TNO title    March 2009

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